We decided in 2018 to be supported by Quilter Financial Planning. They are a national network that support over 3,500 advisers in the UK.

They support us in a number of areas that in our opinion, enable us to deliver better initial and ongoing advice but also spend more time with our clients doing the things that matter and make a difference.

The key benefit for our existing and any new clients is that we are able to offer solutions from an panel of market leading options that have already had all the regulatory due diligence undertaken. This means our initial advice work has more focus on your “needs” and future plans. The initial options consist of market leading pension & investment solutions from investment and insurance companies such as Quilter, Aegon and LV (and others). This gives us access to a wide range of funds and investment options.

Coupled with the regulatory support, technical and advice expertise support and simply the scale of the Quilter Group, the benefits enable us to work with our clients in our own way with great confidence that no area of financial planning is being overlooked.

To find out more about Quilter Group, please see this link - https://www.quilter.com/about-us/our-brands/

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